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Now You See Me 2 Expected To Start Filming Later This Year

With Dave Franco soon in theaters with neighbors and this summer with 22 Jump Street, we all wonder what happened to Now You See Me 2. While the movie offered very little logic in plot, the bunch of magicians that still kept our eyes fixed on … Continue reading

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The Hunger Games Puzzle Poster

Earlier today, Lionsgate launched a pretty cool campaign for The Hunger Games. Sending out 100 puzzle pieces to various sites around the internet. The goal was to put all pieces together and form the brand new poster for the upcoming … Continue reading

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The Hunger Games Full Trailer

During the VMA the full trailer for The Hunger Games was shown, and now it has found its way online. The anticipated adaptation of Suzanne Collins’s novel, starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth got a still short trailer, … Continue reading

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Lionsgate Could Turn The Hunger Games Into Four Films

Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games is now into production with a stellar cast. It might as well become the next Twilight or even better Harry Potter.  Just as the last two mention series, it seems that Lionsgate want to split the … Continue reading

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Finally! Lenny Kravitz Cast As Cinna In The Hunger Games

At last the casting news we were waiting for; Lenny Kravitz has been cast as Cinna, the stylist and confidant to lead character Katniss Everdeen as she travels to the Capitol city in order to enter the titular games. He … Continue reading

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First Images Of Jennifer Lawrence As Katniss In The Hunger Games

This week’s Entertainment Weekly print edition will have more images of Jennifer Lawrence in costume as Katniss in The Hunger Games, the adaptation of the young adult novel that starts shooting any minute now. Nothing official is online yet, but … Continue reading

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Stanley Tucci Cast As Caesar Flickerman In The Hunger Games

And the winner is Stanley Tucci. Finally Lionsgate has announced (via THR) that Stanley Tucci will be playing Caesar Flickerman, the TV personality who interviews each of the 24 young competitors in The Hunger Games before they go off to … Continue reading

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