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I’ve only started watching Revenge recently mainly because of news about actress Emily VanCamp that reminded me of another TV series she used to star in; Everwood.

I’ve liked VanCamp in Everwood because she wasn’t the typical super hot good-looking actress. VanCamp is definitely beautiful, but a simple beautiful; one not screwed up by Hollywood.

Now on Revenge. The series got me addicted right from the first episode. It tells the story of a young woman, Emily Throne (VanCamp) who returns to the Hamptons to revenge on the people who destroyed her life.

Distant with a piercing cold stare, Throne is determined to revenge everyone who set up her father, sending him to jail, and will not stop at nothing. Manipulation and lies are her weapons and she knows how to use them.

At first she refuses the help of a friend of her father, Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann) but then Thorne start trusting Ross and develop a sort of sibling relationships. Her relationship with Ross is not the only one; soon she becomes very close with Daniel Grayson (Joshua Bowman), the son of the lover of her father.

And at one point we almost hoped she would end up with her first crush Jack Porter (Nick Wechsler) but Thorne is determined to continue with her plan and won’t stop at nothing, even at her happiness.

Revenge Cast

Revenge Cast

What I like about the series is they offer you another perspective; we have Thorne on her revenge mission, and we have Amanda Clarke, (Margarita Levieva) the real Emily Thorne who exchange names when they were in Allenwood, a maximum security juvenile facility. Clarke returns to the Hamptons deceiving, with the help of Thorne, everyone that she is Amanda Clarke, the daughter of the convicted terrorist responsible for the crashing of an airplane (the falsely accused.)

Another great performance is of Madeleine Stowe playing Victoria Grayson, the lover of her father. Her pungent and deadly elegance and charm makes the viewers hate her at first, bt then admire at how far she can go to protect the ones she loves and her interests, all with grace and politeness.

So we have what her life could have been if she didn’t go on her revenge mission and we have how her life is on the revenge mission, dividing the viewers and what they would choose; revenge or move on?

I have to admit season two is slower with less action than season one. But we also see a side of Thorne we didn’t when she Aiden Mathis (Barry Sloane) enters her life as a lover and alley.

I didn’t find anything regarding a possible season three, but after going on all missions and give up on many chances of starting over, we can’t wait to see whether revenge, will make our heroine finally able to move one or destroy the any chance of being happy.

Rating: 3.5/5


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