Hollywood Top 10 Female Superheroes

Top 10 Hollywood Female Superheroes

Top 10 Hollywood Female Superheroes

Don’t you think it’s about time we get to see a female centered superhero movie? In a previous article where we let our imagination run free on who should play one of the most loved female superheroes of all time, Wonder Woman, we’ve realized there has been little space on planet Hollywood for a stand alone female superheroes movie.

Here are the best 10 superheroes Hollywood has greeted; some well acclaimed others, well maybe forgotten.

Black Widow

the-avengers-scarlett-johansson-black-widow 2“I’ve seen worse”

Joss Whedon and Scarlett Johansson might have been a hazard though Whedon strength in writing female characters is widely recognized (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Johansson is full of talent. But would the combination work? Especially in The Avengers movie? Hell it did! Though she might not have had the same important moments as other characters, the small bits she did, were vital and start action right for the beginning!


jennifer garner elektra“I’m not a good person to get involved with.”

The skintight red leather makes Jennifer Garner looks sexy and hot, and before the movie was released, we all hoped to see her kick ass just as in  Alias. But despite the sexy Elektra, the well choreographed fight sequences, Elektra lack something important in the story; a solid heart-felt plot. And Elektra, depsite being one of the few female superheroes movies, it didn’t prove good enough. But Garner still looked good in red leather!

Invisible Woman

jessica-alba-invisible-woman-fantastic-four“We’re all in this together.”

As I was looking for images to post, I’ve realized how many other actress were suggested by fans and others, to play the role of the invisble woman aka Sue Storm. The role later was signed by Jessica Alba, who to match the apperance had to go for a blonde wig and blue contact lenses. But again the skin tight suit and Alba acting skills are something to look for. Fans are demanding a reboot, but for now Sue Storm is Alba and the despite the movie wasn’t great, she is still one of the few female superheroes in Hollywood.

Wonder Woman

lynda carter wonder woman“No one can resist the golden lasso.”

In a previous article posted on Popcorns and a Soda we gave few names who could take the place of Lynda Carter’s memorable Wonder Woman. Beating the image she had imprinted on us is not easy, and whoever and whether, we will see a Wonder Woman movie, they’ll have a rough time as the bar has been set high. I mean, look at her!

Aeon Flux

aeon-flux_charlize theron“I know I came here to kill you…”

I believe Charlize Theron is one of the most talented actress that could play almost any role easily. And she has proved she can play a superhero in Aeon Flux. Yes again the skin tight black leather suit mighthave distracted some, and the image used is doing the same. But unlike other movies where female superheroes were involved, after you overlook the suit you’ll see talent and a story as well as great fighting scenes.


catwoman“There’s a storm coming”

We have seen Catwoman more than any other female superhero; first it was Julie Newmar then Michelle pfeiffer, folowed by a sexy Halle Berry and finally Anne Hathaway decided to wear the black tight suit. Decieding who played Catwoman better is not easy. Newmar was wonderful and I personally loved Pfeiffer’s version of Catwoman. Berry is talent but her role in Catwoman was almost overshadowed by Sharon Stone. (And let’s be honest, the movie wasn’t great) Finally Hathaway. She was great nothing to day about that and given my first choice is Pfeiffer, Hathaway would be second.


batgirl“Men, always doing things the hard way.”

Sadly, Alicia Silverstone had the misfortune of playing next to a very sexy and talented Uma Thurman’s Poison Ivy, the only character (and thing) I enjoyed about the movie. Her role was almost minimal, and at times you would even forget she was there. And even if she wasn’t, it wouldn’t have made any difference. A Batgirl should kick ass, but instead Silverstone was a rebellious teen.

But if we go back in the days, there was another Batgirl! Played by, Yvonne Craig played, The Barbara Gordon Batgirl, was jointly inspired by producer William Dozier and DC Comics editor Julius Schwartz. She appeared in the final season of the live-action Batman television series in 1967, promptly following the character’s comic book debut.

Silk Spectre II

watchmen-silk-spectre-Malin-Ackerman“I am not afraid.”

Silk Spectre had to be sexy and attractive. Malin Akerman scored both though it was critisied that her role was flat making her good look in her super suit and show nudity in her sex scenes only. Maybe this was because Alan Moore’s original novel amied at tearing down the “token hot female superhero” stereotype with Silk Spectre II.

Jean Grey

jean grey“Kill me before I kill someone else.

Female characters in X-Men aren’t my favourites. At least the ones on the good side. With the premise that I haven’t read the comics and I’m only referring to the movie version, most of the good female superheroes lack…guts and intiatives. Something is always going on with them emotinally and personally. Jean Grey by far is the strongest character, though I also believe Rogue can kick ass if she makes better use of her powers.


supergirl“Such a pretty world. I can’t wait until it’s all mine.

The 1984 movie showed Helen Slater playing the female version of Superman; Supergirl. You probably have seen it many years ago, when you were a child, if you didn’t you should; it is one of the extremely few and well made female superheroes movies out there in Hollywood. Despite the script have been heavily attacked it did have a terrific acting and a great cast. There might be a Supergirl movie coming out in the future, so you’ve got to watch history!

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