New Iron Man 3 Poster

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3

The final released poster for Shane Black’s upcoming sequel might as well be hinting that we won’t see only one Iron Man, but Men.

The one-sheet has been released on Yahoo Movies, with the promise of a final trailer on Tuesday, March 5. You can check the poster below:

iron man 3 poster

So Tony Stark is thinking of building his own army? Well, thats could be true if we conside the rumors that have been surfacing around the internet. Stop reading, possible spoilers ahead.


Curious huh? So here is the theory: Stark, once able to “mentally” control all of his armored suits thanks to the serum he injects into his system (read the Extremis storyline of the Iron Man comics to better understand how this works, if you don’t know it already), will use several Iron Man suits at the same time in battle, possibly against The Mandarin (Sir Ben Kingsley).

The poster sure seems to confirm this theory, though on March 5th, we could get all our answers.

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