Jason Statham May Be In Fast And Furious 6 After All

Jason Statham

Jason Statham

This rumor goes back in 2011, where Jason Statham could make an appearance in Fast and the Furious 6. Now that we saw a trailer and stills, the rumors seems not a rumor afterall.

Ain’t It Cool is hearing that Statham may have a role in Fast 6 after all, and an important one that leads directly into the plot of the seventh film.

spoilers Warning

Ready? So apparently there is a scene at the very end of the movie of a car chase scene in Japan, at the end of which one of the mysterious drivers is revealed to be Jason Statham, brother to the bad guy Luke Evans is playing in Fast 6.

This scene is actually takes place during Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift. So sometime between the plots of Fast 6 and Fast 7, the events of Tokyo Drift would fit in the timeline, and this means that Fast 7 would kick off with Statham as the bad guy, hunting down the gang to get revenge for his brother’s death.

Not the biggest plot stories, but it is Statham we are talking about! Who wouldn’t want to see Statham fight both Vin Diesel and The Rock separately, or even both at once?

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