Small Screen: Lost In Austen

Lost In Austen

Lost In Austen

Being a Jane Austen fan myself I literally jumped when I stumbled by chance into this 2008 British mini series. Women will understand what we would do to meet the most wanted Mr. Darcy.

And fortuantely, Mr. Darcy wasn’t the one who disappointed me. Not did the little part Gemma Arterton played as Elizabeth Bennet – another reason I decieded to watch the series. No on the two episodes out of four, in which Arterton appeared she was ok.

Bascially the story follows our super fan Amanda Pierce, living in today London, who has read Pride and Prejudice millions of times. One night, Amanda comes face to face with the novel’s protagonist, Elizabeth Bennet;  a small door in her bathroom apparently links the two worlds. Eventually Amanda is trapped in the Austen’s novel and meets all the characters she has read so much about.

Now, maybe because it is a mini series that the whole transition between modern high-tech London and old London, was so quick and seemed not to bother our protagonist. Me for instance, I would assume I’m on some heavy drugs to see a fictional character appear in my bathroom.

I would have prefered Jemima Rooper to play a much more stunned Amanda. Even when communicating with the book’s character, their way of talking, is something we are not used to (and vice versa). We are not used to talk like in literature books, and might as well take a while to decide whether what he was saying was a compliment or a gently hidden insult.

lost in austen charactersI think the story was told very quickly, characters introduced suddenly, in Lost in Austen for example Caroline Bingley is lesbian and we don’t really get a chance fully understand her as a character.

Maybe instead of a British going to old London, it would have been fun to see an American girl, studying literature in England, finding a door in an old library goes through and then she is transported into Austen’s London. Accents, way of speech would have been much different and much more interesting to watch.

Quite a disappointment on the “our side” but not on the “other side” of the world. All the characters in the Austen world were almost perfect in impersonating their respective book characters and lived up to the role. Even the most detestable characters were convincing. Tom Riley played a likeable and interesting Mr. Wickham.

It is important to say though that the whole idea behind Lost In Austen is not to retell the story, that even if you haven’t read it, we know. But to see what would happen if you became part of a story, you know all about, and do your best to follow the plot.

I think if the series was the longer it would have been almost perfect; we would relate to characters, know them more and see how our protagonist deals with old London on the long run.

Said that it is a mini series, and even if not that good it won’t take much of your time. And Elliot Cowan plays a very convincing Mr. Darcy.

Rating 2/5

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  1. Soraia Zohdi says:

    The series can be watched full on youtube. Just follow the link

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