50 Shades of Grey: Fan Made Trailers

Fifty Shades of Grey Casting

Internet and fans cannot wait for cast announcements. We have seem polls, articles and features on possible actors who could play sensual yet dangerous Christian Grey and innocent Anastasia Steele.

But some have gone even further than writing names and have made full length trailers with their top choice actors and actress, here are the top 5 trailers from the web.

1. Alexis Bledel and Matt Bomer

If casting weren’t announcened, or started yet, this could easily pass as an orginal trailer. “Fifty Shades of Grey” fan, Alex White uploaded on the youtube account slapthefatty has already scored 1.444.620 viewers and counting. Making Bledel and Bomer the best choice. Bomer is perfect in suit and being a billionair is his thing. Bledel, has always proven she can play the girl next to in Gilmore Girls.

2. Ian Somerhalder and Lyndsy Fonseca

Ian Somerhalder is the next best choice fan see as Grey. Who couldn’t? In The Vampire Diaries he proved he has want it takes to be dangerously charming. You might recognize Fonseca from How I Met Your Mother; as the daughter on the couch, but has proved to have guts in Nikita.

3. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone

Both have proved to be a perfect screen couple in Crazy, Stupid Love and that she can sport sexy lingery in Easy A. Gosling, well he made all women fall in love with him after The Notebook so!

4. Henry Cavill and Emily Browning

Cavill could put good use his role as Charles Brandon in The Tudors and has the charm of a billionair. Browning falls perfectly in the role of Ana; dark hair, blue eyes and an innocent look and in Sleeping Beauty she learnt much about “unspoke desires”.

5. Ian Somerhalder and Amanda Seyfried

Ian again, but this time withAmanda Sefried. Only cons is probably her blond hair, that could easily be turned into a brunette. Seyfried proved she can be sexy in Chloe and a bit sexiness is what Ana is also.

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2 Responses to 50 Shades of Grey: Fan Made Trailers

  1. The first couple are the lovliest, I hope they take it into account!! Would be disappointed if they werent a perfect replica, like themselves!! Shes so innocent and hes well not mr. Grey but the closest thing to it! lol

    • Soraia Zohdi says:

      Alexia Bledel could be the perfect Anastasia Steele! As for Matt Bomer, he can pull the suit and billionair look easily, but will have to be a bit more mysterious, engimatic and dark to play the Christian Grey we know. Hopefully 2013 will give us some casting news!

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