Jamie Foxx in Talks to Play Villain Electro in The Amazing Spider-man Sequel

Jamie Foxx

After learning that Marc Webb will be reuniting Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone for The Amazing Spider-man 2, and a recent rumor regarding Shailene Woodley in talks to take on the role of Mary Jane Watson. All what was missing is the villain, rumored to be Electro.

It appears that Sony has settled on Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx for the role. Accordin to Variety Foxx would play Electro, and Foxx later tweeted, “Dressed up as Electro for Halloween last night. Costume fits well.” Did hint at something real.

Electro is the alter ego of Max Dillon, an enemy of Spider-Man who gains the ability to control electricity after being struck by lightning. Many believe we have seen a glimpse of him at the end of The Amazing Spider-man in the post-credit sequence, set inside Dr. Curt Connors’ cell at an asylum, when the Lizard is approached by a mysterious, shadowy figure who asks if Peter Parker knows the truth about his father.

But he didn’t quite reflect the appearnce of Foxx making us doubt whether the man that approached the Lizard was another villain. Maybe Mysterio?

Share your opinions below!


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