Red-Band Evil Dead Remake Finally Released

Nothing makes Halloween scarier than horrow movies. And ever since the film’s panel at

Evil Dead Remake

New York Comic Con a week ago, all what he have been hearing is how good it is.

The green-band trailer didn’t really convince us now Sony Pictures has finally release the red-band for The Evil Dead, and you can check it out below:


Yes the protagonists look unbelievebly hot. But what do you expect; if you want to remake Evil Dead unless you’re trying to appeal to a younger audience not familiar with the original, and younger audiences like that.

I’ll be honest, electricity went off several times tonight and I had no intention of watching the trailer then staying alone in the silent darkness. I skipped quickly and it was enough for me to see a raping tree (?) and a girl slicing her tongue.

Evil Dead is set to be released April 13th!

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