10 Movie Inspired Halloween Costumes

10 Movie inspired Halloween Costomes

Halloween is almost here and even if we always try to get our costume ready before hand, we never manage to do that.

Ladies and gentlemen do not panic! Whether you just want a plan B or you’re completely out of ideas,  here are 10, some easy other bit more detailed, movie inspired costumes that will save the night!

For Her

1. Audrey Hepburn

Who wouldn’t want to be fabulous Audrey Hepbrun for a night? Get your hands on your little black dress, add some pearls and a faux cigarette holder and you’re done! Wanna add a taste of creepiness? Dress the zombie Hepburn costume!

2. Carrie Bradshaw

What better occasion to be Sex and the City‘s Carrie? Grab your old tutu or find a cheap one, pair it with a pink tank to and go crazy with your hair!

3. Lisbeth Salander

Get the dark gothic look of famous hacker of the Millenium trilogy with a leather jacket, leather pants, spiked hair and lots and lots of black eyeliner! Complete the look with spikes; spiked hair, piercings, bracelets…all you can think of!

4. Katniss Everdeen

A Hunger Games fan? Get the hunter-style costume with a brownish leather jacket, dark charcoal pants, black shirt and brown leather lace up boots. Braid your hair and now what you’re left to, is finding a bow.

For him

1. Indiana Jones

Easy and simple, with clothes you might likely already have in your closet. Dark pants, white shirt and leather jacket. But don’t forget the key items; hat and whip!

2. Edward Cullen

Vampires in general like to keep in simple. But if you really want to stand out, then you got to have the Edward Cullen look; blue hues and spiked hair are not enough. You’ve got to sparkle, so don’t forget the glitter!

3. Harry Potter

Maybe a little bit more complicated, but if you can manage a black long robe, red and yellow scarf and round glasses, then you’ve nailed it! A stick could be easily be turned into a wand. Who would contradict the most famous little wizard Hollywood has ever seen anyway?

4. Captain Jack Sparrow

Pirates never get old and playing the pirate looks more complicated than it really is. Brown pants and a white shirt are perfect. Add boots, bandana in your hair and black eyeliner and you’re done. But if you want to be captain you’ve got to have a hat!

5. Bond, James Bond

Playing the most famous secret agent with Skyfall knocking at our doors will make it even more exciting. Want to be charming yet lethal and above all extremely seductive? Agent 007 is the costume to choose! Wait not, suit up!

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