5 Things Horror Movies Taught Us

Horror Movies

Who hasn’t yelled at the protagonist of a horror movie for going right into danger? Or for not having filmed an event/ghost/monster and still demand everyone to believe?

Knowing what our heroes and heroines did wrong, make us well prepare for….well, survive any horror movie!

1. If in Japan, be nice

They will haunt you in any continent you will go to. They will come out of TV or ceilings and crawl with their faces hid behind black hair. Why go through all this, when you can avoid it? If you happen to be in Japan (or posses anything from Japan) be nice. You may never know who or what will decide to torment you.

2. Recharge Battery. Always.

Why do people in horror movies ALWAYS have their phones dead? Recharge, recharge, recharge! Get spare phone batteries if possible. Even better buy a satellite phone. I want to see how they will mess with satellite connection!

3. Weapons

Guns, machine guns, knives. If you can carry it, grab it. Whatever you are fighting, having a weapon can always come in handy, even if only opening a door. Matches could scare ghosts away and if you are lucky enough to bump into their bones, burn the motherf***ers!

4. Haunted? No thanks.

I can understand the unstoppable rush to go to that haunted place, at night, without telling a soul, knowing that most probably you won’t see the lights of morning. Why? If you really want to be scared turn off all the lights home and listen to every little sound. Same effect but much safer. Note: this doesn’t apply to places only. Any haunted object, Videotape that kills everyone who owns/watch, ignore it.

5. Never follow the “split up” advice

Especially if you are in an unknown place with an unknown thing trying to get you killed. The thing probably knows the place better than you, and splitting up will only make it fun for him. Plus when you are together you have better chance of coming out alive.

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