Shailene Woodley Offered Role of Mary Jane for The Amazing Spider-Man Sequel

Shailene Woodley

According to Variety Shailene Woodley is negotiating to join Marc Webb’s Spidey follow-up as Mary Jane Watson, the girl Peter Parker fell for (and eventually married – in certain Spider-Man timelines) after his first and true love Gwen Stacy, died by the hands of The Green Goblin.

And that’s not it. Variety says Sony also is looking for an actor to play Harry Osborne in the sequel.

Variety also says that the sequel will see Electro as one of the villains Sony is considering. Which maybe be an option considering Marc Webb expressed he would like to avoid villains used in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy.

If Woodley accepts she will join a huge franchise. We just hope Webb will be able to bring up a good (and for some better) M.J. character than Kirtsten Dunst’s one in Raimi’s film.

I’m skeptic though; I’m may be the only one to see it, but I find a great resemblance with Andrew Garfield, who plays the titular character, and could easily pass as his sister.


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