Matthew Modine Joins Steve Jobs Biopic

Matthew Modine

It wouldn’t be Hollywood if we didn’t have two identical different movies. Capote versus Infamous, Lovelace versus Inferno, and now in the latest biopics,is Steve Jobs versus Job two dramas about the founder of Apple.

Jobs has recently started principal photography, and so will have the advantage of hitting theaters well first. On board are Ahna O’Reilly and Josh Gad, who’ll play Job’s girlfriend Chris-Ann Brennan and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak respectively. As well as Ashton Kutcher and now THR reveals Matthew Modine has signed on to portray businessman John Sculley.

Scully is the one who fired Jobs. Sculley remained as Apple CEO until 1993.  “It’s my feeling — and I think there’s a lot of people who feel — that had John Sculley not fired Steve Jobs from Apple Computer and [let] Steve go on the journey that he did when he was away from Apple Computer, that we wouldn’t be speaking about Steve Jobs today,” Modine explained.

In cases you missed it, here is a photo portraying Kutcher as Jobs.

Jobs will tell Job’s life from 1971 into the 2000s, from when he first met Wozniak, through his return to apple, and his rise to international icon. The film is expected to hit theathers in fall.


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