Rupert Everett To Direct And Star In Oscar Wilde Biopic

Rupert Everett

My first memory of Rupert Everett is as Julia Roberts’ gay best friend in the classic romantic comedy My Best Friend’s Wedding. He is an amazing actor and full of potentials. Maybe this is why in 2009, he stated publically that he feels his movie career was stifled because he’s an openly gay actor.

And this might also be why he decided to bring the story of writer Oscar Wilde, whose life was irrevocably changed when he was prosecuted for sodomy and gross indecency in  the 1890s.

Rupert will be writing and directing the biopic in which he’ll also star.  The Happy Prince will start with the tragic final chapter of the author’s life, following the harsh prison sentence of two years of hard labor to his decline and death.

According to THR, The Happy Prince will be a comedy, and will mark not only Everett’s directing debut but also his first produced screenplay.

This is not the first Oscar Wilde movie Hollywood has seen. Remember Stephen Fry’s portrayal of the title character in Wilde that drew a Golden Globe? How not to, it was unknown Jude Law who played Wilde’s young companion. It will be interesting to see what handsome young actor Everett will choose for that role.

The Happy Prince will not shoot until summer of 2013. So we’ll have to wait a lot before we hear any casting news.

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