First Trailer For Skyfall Arrives Online


For those, like me, who have missed CinemaCon where Sony had world premiere of the trailer for Skyfall, the new James Bond film directed by Sam Mendes and starring Daniel Craig, we have it finally online.

It is a teaser trailer, so don’t expect much from the one minute and 24 seconds. You can watch it below:

In the first 40 seconds we see Craig answering a series of questions with presumably the first word that comes to his mind. When asked about Skyfall, he hesitates then answers “done.” This shot may, or not, be the last part of the movie, where from there we are told what Skyfall.

The following seconds show a series of fast scenes from different parts of the movie. We see Craig shooting, coffins covered with the British flag, a mysterious woman standing by a window who may be Bérénice Marlohe, our French bond girl. The remaing scenes are a series of shooting and fighting and falling scenes from the movie.

Hopefully in the next trailer we will see more of Marlohe.

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