Watched: Battleship


It sunk.

When I first heard about a table game made into movie, it didn’t convince. At all. I could have understood Risk, as a movie. But Battleship? The whole goal of the game is guessing where the ship is, and sank it by calling numbers and letters.

But thenI heard Peter Berg was on board directing I expected a lot. Berg covered subjects such as high school football (Friday Night Lights) and the War on Terror (The Kingdom), so I reconsidered the movie. I was disappointed.

The plot is like this: the Earth decides to use a super satellite antenna to contact something known as a “G” planet. But someone “listens” resulting in a bunch of angry, waterlogged extraterrestrial vessels to a section of the Pacific ocean right off of Hawaii.

Unfortunately,  the rebel Alex (Taylor Kitsch) ends up in charge of a ship stranded within a force field created by the invaders. With the help of his chief gunner (Rihanna) and his physical therapist Sam (Brooklyn Decker) they must try and find the invaders weak point and stop the communications technology that attracted the beings in the first place.

Some aspects of the plot are kind of senseless. Like when we discover that the aliens are trying to use our on technology against us and the crew must take it out. Why? Can’t they sabotage it? Put in a virus or something? How about other military options?

But we saw Rihanna acting. She was ok overall, maybe if she had chosen a different movie to start her acting career, people would have paid more attention to her and not how bad the movie is.I had to double check if Liam Neeson and Admiral Shane were in the castthey were almost absent all movie, making a few cameo appearances. Too bad.

Soundtrack was the only good thing to hear among all the noisy and Rihanna scream whenever she shot at something. The soundtracks features classic rock from AC/DC, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Billy Squier and ZZ Top as well as songs by Stone Temple Pilots, the Black Keys and Dropkick Murphys.

Bad movie.


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