Second Magic Mike Trailer Has Abs

Magic Mike

Because when you hear about a movie that has a plot about Alex Pettyfer’s character, a young guy who starts up in the world of male stripping and who learns everything from Magic Mike, we expect to see that. Stripping.

Though thinking about it, despite Channing Tatum being the title character, he is not the main character. But has been around the market more that Pettyfer. Tatum even stared on the stunning EW cover. But Pettyfer gets his story told (and we see more abs) in the new international Magic Mike trailer, which you can watch below.

I hope you girls noticed Tatum’s pelvis-thrusting in time to Rihanna’s “We Found Love” and the cherry on the cake;the final shot of the guys stripping down to thongs while an American flag drops in front of them. And have you seen Matthew McConaughey ?

The trailer doesn’t show any signs of “conflict” making it very unpredictable plot talking. I don’t know about you but Magic Mike opens June 29 and I’ll be there. I’m watching the trailer again.

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