Details On Stan Lee’s Avengers Cameo

The Avengers

Stan Lee will be making a cameo appearance in the upcoming Avengers film. Now we know what he will be doing in Avengers. If you want to know, continue to read!The Avengers has  wrapped up filming in New York and with the film set to premiere May 4, 2012, that leaves plenty of time for post-production . WorstPreviews got the scoop on comic writer/genius Stan Lee’s Avengers cameo, posting the following scene description:

The scene features Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) sitting at a coffee shop with Lee sitting at a nearby table. Rogers is then joined by an older man, who some believe is a fellow-soldier from WWII.

The article doesn’t specify if Lee talks to Evans or if he’ll play any other part in the scene other than sitting in the background. It would be great considering , the story Lee penned includes the first instance of Captain America throwing his shield at a bad-guy, which became his trademark move.

Watch below Lee cameo’s in Marvel movies:

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