Comic Con 2011: Robert Rodriguez Plans A Sin City 2

Sin City

Robert Rodriguez took Hall H in Comic Con to announce everything we have been wanting to hear. In particular regarding the 2005 hit Sin City and the rumors that soon came after the release, about a sequel.

It is happening and now we know almost when. “If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen this year,” Rodriguez just told the assembled Comic Con crowd of Sin City 2.

The script is still in process but he and Miller are almost done. He’s basing it on three separate stories by Frank Miller, who co-directed the first movie and whose graphic novel inspired the original. One of the stories is called “A Dame to Kill For,” another is called “The Long Bad Night,” and the third is being kept a secret for now.

But this isn’t the only project Rodriguez is attached to. He also announced two sequels to Machete starring Danny Trejo as the violent title character. Both sequels have been greenlit. The first sequel will be called Machete Kills, with the third called Machete Kills Again. He also said he plan to at least shoot a trailer for the third movie to show in front of the second sequel.

Not done yet. Rodriguez announced he’s planning to work on a movie based on Heavy Metal, the cult comics magazine from the 70s and 80s. At some point David Fincher had the rights to the series, and was planning a collaboration with James Cameron. It not clear whether Fincher abandoned the project but now it is under Rodriguez’s Quick Draw Films and he and Eastman seem to be focused in making it similar or same style of Sin City.

Here’s how he explained his plans:

“We’re going to have you submit your story ideas, characters, worlds. We’re going to leave a slot open– what would Heavy Metal be without its fans? We want people to be able to participate where they can be in there. It’s what’s great about Heavy Metal and great about how artists inspire each other.”

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