New Set Photo From The Dictator


The Dictator

TMZ,has got their hands on clear picture of  Anna Faris on the set of The Dictator, her hair chopped short and dyed very, very dark.She might be wearing a wig, but it is still a striking look from the long blonde hair we are used to.

The Dictator is shooting in New York right now, Baron Cohen plays two roles in the film, the evil despot leader of a foreign nation and the poor goat farmer who secretly replaces the ruler.

He finds himself trapped in New York while on a visit to the United Nations when he realizes he’s been overthrown, the dictator wanders the streets of New York aimlessly, and strikes up a friendship with Faris’s good-hearted character.

The movie is set for release on May 11 next year. Here is Faris look in the movie:

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