Kate Winslet Will Star In Labor Day


Kate Winslet

EW reports that Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin will star for Reitman in Labor Day, a drama based on Joyce Maynard’s novel, where Reitman adapted the script.

Jason Reitman is at work now on Young Adult, his follow-up to the Oscar-nominated Up in the Air.

In Labor Day Winslet would play a single mother who encounters an escaped convict (Brolin) while clothes shopping with her son; for some reason the mother and the boy agree to give Brolin a ride and get wrapped up in his attempts to evade the police who are looking for him.

The book is narrated by the 13-year-old son and The Washington Post called it “a convincing and poignant coming-of-age tale.”

Brolin was actually rumored to be in the Young Adult cast before, Reitman might have thought to cast him in Labor Day instead. As for Kate Winslet, she is an excellent actress who just starred as one of literature’s most famous mothers in Mildred Pierce.

Production is set to start next year in New England.

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