Dark Knight Rises…Rumor or News?

The Dark Knight Rises

A rumor regarding Christopher Nolan’s anticipated The Dark Knight Rises surfaced online, making everyone wonder whether we can use this as serious information, maybe spoilers, or just simple rumor.

From the minute Nolan revealed that Tom Hardy would play Bane in Rises, fans speculated a possible Nolan wants to have Batman paralyzed, and have Caped Crusader build himself back up (or “rise”) to reclaim Gotham from the criminal. The reason fans came to this conclusion?

In 1993 storyline of a popular Batman run known as “Knightfall,” Bane shattered the spine of a physically worn out Batman. This is the most notable story of Bane. And in fact bane WILL break Batman’s back in Rises, courtesy of a rumor posted on Comic Book Movie. The site says it’s a rumor from a “completely reliable source,” and that they wouldn’t post it, if it was just a rumor.

Will this mean there will be a sequel with Bruce Wayne in a wheelchair? Will Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman protect Gotham in Batman’s absence? Until nothing is confirmed we can use all our imagination to fit in all the characters in the story.

The Dark Knight Rises opens on July 20, 2012.

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