Andrew Niccol Will Direct Saoirse Ronan In The Host

The Host

Saoirse Ronan first signed on to star last week  and Andrew Niccol will direct The Host, the adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s non-Twilight book currently being shopped at Cannes.

Meyer herself chose Niccol who adapted the screenplay.

He wasn’t set to direct since his involvement with Now, which hits theaters this October. According to Deadline the producers repeatedly tried to find someone else but it never worked out, and now they’re back to Niccol.

Ronan will be playing Melanie and and alien invader Wanderer. In the story, aliens actually take over the brains of human hosts, but Melanie is particularly resilient and winds up sharing her body with Wanderer.

Wanderer ends up tracking down the people in Melanie’s life, who are resisting the alien arrival, and even falling for Melanie’s boyfriend. Now expect lots and lots of rumors for the boyfriend role, who do you think can play the part?

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