Uma Thurman And Blake Lively Sign On For Savages

Uma Thurman

John Travolta and Uma Thurman were at best together when they starred in Pulp FictionDeadline is reporting that both Travolta and Thurman has signed on to star in Oliver Stone’s Savages.

Not only it seems that Blake Lively is also in talks and offered parts in both the Stone film and Sam Raimi’s Oz: The Great and Powerful.

They will join Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Johnson, Salma Hayek and Benicio Del Toro. Based on the Don Winslow book of the same name, the film tells the story of a pair of pot growers who are approached to work for a Mexican cartel, but refuse. In retaliation, the cartel kidnaps the growers’ “trippy gal pal” and hold her for ransom. In order to raise the money to get her back, the growers begin stealing from the cartels shipments. Lively will play O, the kidnapping victim, Thurman will play O’s mother, and Travolta will play a “burned out DEA agent.”

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