I Know Who Killed Me

I Know Who Killed Me

I Know Who Killed Me is probably the worst movie I have ever seen. It was really bad; from the acting performance to the story and how it was told.

The movie stars Lindsay Lohan. Now I’m not a huge fan of her, but I really enjoyed and liked her acting in Mean Girls and especially Georgia Rules. So considering the movie was just after Georgia Rules, I was expecting something good.

I Know Who Killed Me is about Aubrey Fleming; a regular high school student with friends and family. One night, she unexpectedly disappears. She is found, to weeks later, unconscious in the middle of the woods. Audrey is rushed to the hospital with severed hand and foot in the same modus-operandi Jennifer, a previous victim of the serial killer, was mutilated. It seems she has forgotten her identity and she think she is Dakota Moss, a character that Aubrey created in one of her stories for an English assignment. Dakota denies ever being Aubrey even  knowing that they look identical. The police though are convinced she is Aubrey and continue to interrogate her about her torturer and the serial killer in New Salem while insisting that she is not Aubrey.

I have to say that the plot excited me a lot; it does seem interesting and in some aspects unpredictable. The movie starts with Audrey. The way she is presented doesn’t really make her very different from Dakota. Audrey yes is an upper class student, while Dakota is a stripper, but Audrey flirts with her gardener while having a boyfriend that she doesn’t seem to want to sleep with. Audrey is not the good girl you would normally compare to a stripper. The only visible difference between her and Dakota is the stripping hobby.

We see Aubrey very little; we don’t have enough time to really get into the character that we are soon presented with another character; Dakota.  Dakota the stripper was probably created to let Lohan strip dance since most of the movie is about Lohan strip dancing. This was probably made to emphasize the difference between the girls considering we saw for too little Aubrey, but I’m sure a little bit more of Audrey would have been better.

Another thing that makes Dakota different from Aubrey is that Dakota actually does sleep with her/Aubrey boyfriend, and they spend quite a lot of time showing it, more than needed. At this point of the movie I was starting to realize we were actually seeing a strip-sex movie.

The video of the sex scene is 1.58, almost two and the scene of the annoyed mother downstairs hearing all what is going on have been deleted. So you can image how long the scene was.

Dakota wants to prove that she is not Aubrey and that she has not lost her identity. And for some reason she also wants to find who the serial killer is. When the is done having sex with her/Aubrey boyfriend she tells him that her middle finger (the one on her mutilated hand) fell by itself for no reason. Because of this she searches on the internet “unexplained bleeding” and finds article about religious stigmas and nonreligious stigmas. Opening the nonreligious stigmas, she watches a video (told by a man smoking a cigarette, not some kind of researcher) that tells that twins are so one, that when one is hurt, the other twin is literally hurt as well, in the same spot.

Dakota soon believes she has a twin and that must be the answer to her looking identical to Aubrey. She so confronts her mother that tells her that she has no twins (she gave birth she must have known if instead of one, came out two). But Dakota continues to believe in the twin theory and without any evidence; not a birth certificate or anything, confronts her father telling him that the letters sent monthly from New Salem, are from him because he swapped babies when they were little, and feeling guilty he sent money to the twin that was less lucky.

She apparently is a genius for solving mysteries so quickly, despite the fact that she sometimes see what Audrey sees in some kind of visions. Dakota and Aubrey father go and rescue Audrey as she has been buried alive. But before why not stop by the killer and see what he is up to? Of course without calling the police because none of them has a mobile (and the movie was shot in 2007.)

Even when Dakota manages to save Audrey, they lay there in the mud, without calling at least the police or an ambulance from any phone that could have found.

It is horrible; the theory of the twins is not supported by anything scholar or anyone. The serial killer was pretty obvious considering the main male characters are only four. And the fact that Dakota can solve the mystery of the serial killer, that not even the FBI could solve is absurd. Considering also she solve it realizing a link anyone could have realized. Really terrible. I’m even more convinced it was made to let Lohan strip dance. If it was about Lohan strip dancing, it could have been better. Her dancing surpassed her acting big time in this movie.

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