Star Trek 2 Will Explore The Theme Of Family

Star Trek

Ever since the Star Trek reboot, we have been waiting for the sequel. But Director J.J. Abrams has been working on dozens of projects, including the soon-to-be-released Super 8; and writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have filled their schedules with projects like Welcome To People (which Kurtzman is also directing), television shows like Fringe and Hawaii Five-0, this summer’s Cowboys & Aliens.

But at WonderCon Orci, while promoting Cowboys & Aliens talking a little about Star Trek 2.According to Orci, time has been the biggest issue in terms of getting the project ready, he also said:

“If I spend two days thinking about Star Trek instead of [C&A], when I come back to this movie, it’s like I’ve been gone two weeks, and it allows me to come back fresher, so it surprisingly helps each other.”

He also said about fans criticizing Kirk for becoming captain so fast

“I do see what fans think online, very much in Star Trek, it is a sequel that you can genuinely say that the fans are consultants on. Now they’re caught up with us, they know exactly what the first movie was, and any one of them could go out now and generate a couple of story ideas for what this could be. So it’s a fun guessing game, and you do get to incorporate some of the complaints; you cannot just answer them, but voice them in the movie. I enjoy that – I enjoy seeing what people say, even if it’s super nasty.”

Now the sequel. Orci said:

“The first one had to be an origin story – or we felt it had to be an origin story; it was kind of Star Trek Zero – how did it all start? So to do that organically, you had to get each character in his or her place. Now, they’re all together from the beginning, and so now they’re all going to face I think a theme that is different and potentially more challenging than just they met and they’re kind of facing this force of nature in Nero. So the theme of their family is going to be something great to explore that you don’t get in the first movie.”

Star Trek: The Second is still on schedule to be released on June 29, 2012. Hopefully now more details will come out regarding the plot and the villain.

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