Miss Marple Adaptation Still In Progress

Julia McKenzie As Miss Marple

Disney has decided redo Miss Marple starring a hot 30something woman played by Jennifer Garner. I have to the people didn’t like the idea, and I’m glad; I’m always pro new original adaptations but this, is just not right. And there is more.

According to Deadline, the British company, Chorion, holding the rights to Agatha Christie’s material, has come out of nowhere and released a statement saying the deal is not done.

Disney gave the impression that everything was going smoothly. Is this a way to get more money from the studio? Or save the image of Miss Marple?

If Agatha Christie were alive, she probably wouldn’t like this reboot. Consider that when Murder On The Orient Express was adapted it received wonderful reviews and was nominated for six Academy Awards, and still, the author complained about Albert Finney’s moustache. So you can image what Christie would say about Garner and her Miss Marple in 30s!

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