Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch

Ok, let me start by saying I have different views about Zack Snyder Sucker Punch.

If we look at it on the outside; it is like a long video clip, with good music, good fighting choreography and an all women cast fighting.

But going deeper, you will realize the movie lacks the most important thing. A logical story and a good script.

The movie is divided into three parts. The first takes place in an asylum, where a girl, Baby Doll, has been wrongfully committed and faces the prospect of a lobotomy.

The second part in what seems like a bordello or a strip club, where it is custom to kiss clients on the neck. There she meets the other girls that will join her in the third part of the movie. Every time she dances Baby Doll and her four friends battle hideous people, creatures and robots in this alternative fantasized world, that is part three of the movie.

In the third part, the girls have a total makeover and from being girls of a strip-bordello-club, they are a group of female commandos who, after receiving some advice from an old man, go off to kill some robots in alternate dimensions. What makes it confusing is that once they fight Nazi, another time giant statues come to life and another time harmless dragons.

Of course maybe think that girls kick some ass are cool. Ok I can agree that they are but what actually is missing in a link to the three parts. Which means it lacks a story. Yes it has amazing CGI and visual effects. Yes the fighting choreography are amazing. Which is what probably kept people ignore about the story; as soon as Baby Doll got into the asylum, it is as if she wasn’t even there, the asylum was forgotten. Also, if Baby Doll is so traumatized to create an alternative world to maintain sanity, why would she create the trouble of fighting? Moreover, the dream worlds are frequently without consequence, making the story miss something. The characters were missing something.

The fight scenes were great, some reminded me of fighting video games, and I have to say, they were well made. Actually it is like a video clip, mixed with a video game, mixed with Japanese anime.

I can’t really say how the actress performance was since their characters were so hollow and never explained. I was expecting much considering Emily Browning did a similar character in The Uninvited, where she was a disturbed young woman that saw her dead sister, without knowing her sister was actually dead. So I was expecting much from Browning. The performance was regular and the acting was ok. I can’t even tell if she can actually dance as the dancing scenes are never shown because she goes to the other universe fighting. I don’t even understand the purpose of the dancing if it is not seen.

Saying this, I’m not surprised Sucker Punch only scored $19M at the box office against the $24.4M of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules. At first I was surprised. Considering the amount put in the posters, the trailers and the featurettes, I was surprised of the big difference between the two movies. I was expecting a lot considering the trailers and the posters. The movie had a really bad script; the idea was good but needed more elaboration. If the movie had a good script it would have probably given a better result.

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2 Responses to Sucker Punch

  1. Brandon says:

    I agree about this not having much story continuity.
    Most of us didn’t expect much from this movie, when the cast is made up of 5 scantly dressed women in an action flick. I am paying my 15 bucks to see them jump around, not to listen to their stories. If I wanted a narrative, I would read a book.
    It was dissappointing to find a Zack Snyder movie so Anime-blah.

    • Soraia Zohdi says:

      I agree, still a little bit of a story holding everything together would have made a big difference. It would actually have made it a great fantasy movie! Lots of fighting, with a plot.
      And could agree more; it had anime written all over.

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