Liv Tyler Won’t Be In The Hobbit

Liv Tyler As Arwen

After The Hobbit finally got greenlight to start shooting, it is time news move forward and don’t stop on delays and production.

Producers are finding ways to bring in members from the Lord of the Rings cast into The Hobbit, and many of them have already been confirmed as participants, such as Orlando Bloom reprising his role as Legolas.

But one character, perhaps one of the few characters who’s actually alive during the time period involved and during the events of The Hobbit, won’t be back. Liv Tyler says nobody’s said anything to her to reprise her role as Arwen, and that makes her “kind of sad”.

While technically Arwen isn’t in The Hobbit book, many characters which aren’t in the book will show up in one of the two Hobbit movies, which means, her casting won’t  cause any damage. Yet when talking to Collider about  The Hobbit the former Tyler says not only hasn’t she heard from anyone about it, she didn’t even know that filming had begun on the movie yesterday.

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