Take Me Home Tonight

Take Me home Tonight

Take Me Home Tonight is definitely one of the best ten comedy movies, released. Still many critics believe it is terrible.

Think about it though, most comedies, or romantic comedies, today are terrible. Think about Just Go With It; it is disorganized and most importantly, not funny. Comedy should be presenting new and most importantly funny ideas and Take Me Home Tonight has it all.
e have three characters with no idea what to do with their lives. Matt, an MIT graduate, is working at Suncoast Video because he’s unwilling to commit to anything which might trap him. Wendy, who recently applied to Cambridge, is stuck in an unfulfilling relationship with the most popular idiot in high school that hasn’t grown up. And Barry, bless his heart, is a mess. They may not have figured out where they’re going, but for one night, all three are sure.

Take Me Home Tonight is a movie for all twenty-somethings and for anyone who to want to remember the lives they led when they were still a little bit out of control and unsure on what to do. It is not a teen movie.

The movie also stars Anna Faris and Dan Fogler, which is something. They, despite being good actors, don’t take all the scene. Faris lets the comedy come from understated reactions and great brother/ sister chemistry with Topher Grace.  Same goes for Fogler and Chris Pratt who are both extremely funny.

Go and watch it, don’t listen to what critics say. The movie is well made, hilarious and deserved to be watched.

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