Resident Evil 5 Has A Release Date

Resident Evil

Resident Evil franchise has made a lot of money. Despite many critics consider that it is not a horror movie, it is still fun to watch.  The last movie, Resident Evil: Afterlife took the fun to an entirely new level with its use of 3D which, was a good decision.

Resident Evil: Afterlife was the fourth entry, and scored the biggest opening numbers of any film in the RE franchise. So we shouldn’t be surprised if Sony confirmed  to make Resident Evil 5 a reality by announcing September 14, 2012 as its eventual release date.

Most of the other Resident Evil movies were released in September as well, and they were a success in the box office, so maybe this is why they want to keep the September release date for the fifth installment as well. No word yet on what the fifth film will be about, or for that matter what it will be called. Afterlife was heavily influenced by the RE video game series, and made it a point to remain as faithful as possible to the most recently released game title.

I’m pretty sure though, that a Resident Evil movie won’t be a Resident Evil movie without Milla Jovovich.

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