This is the third time I decided to watch LOST right from the very first season. Even if they are airing it again on TV, I can’t resist watching it. Why? Because it is LOST. It is J.J Abraham.

Watching it again makes me realize certain things I didn’t before; like when they capture Benjamin and they are doubting whether he is good or one of “the others,” only to realize that he is actually the big boss.

If I have to give anyone an award it would be Ben Linus played by Michael Emerson.

Yes Sawyer (Josh Holloway), Jack (Matthew Fox), Sayid (Naveen Andrews) are all hot and sexy. But you have to admit, Ben is simply awesome. He is the best enemy there; he is intelligent, cruel and you never know what he is thinking. When you do, he is actually making you think it and already has his backup plan.

The whole series takes place in three locations; the island, the before they go to island and the after they leave the island. The first season is mainly to introduce you to the main characters; the doctor Jake, the fugitive Kate (Evangeline Lilly), the thief Sawyer, the torturer Sayid, the married couple Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) and Sun (Yunjin Kim), the pregnant Claire (Emilie de Ravin) and the millionaire Hugo (Jorge Garcia), the rock star Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) and the once handicapped John Locke (Terry O’Quinn).

While we see how those people try and survive on an island full of mysteries, their flashbacks tells us more about their past, and what made them all grab the Oceanic Flight 815 from Sydney to Los Angeles. Kate for instance is running away because she killed her father, that used to beat her mother. Jack went to Sydney to bring his passed away father home, while Claire, to give her baby to adoption.

Soon after, we start to realize there are strange things happening on the island, and that they are not the only one living on this strange island. A love triangle is formed between Kate, Sawyer and Jack. Soon I started disliking Kate; playing in this love triangle not choosing between the doctor and the thief made all her good will and effort count nothing. Sometimes she caused problems, rather then helping. At this point I needed a female character to actually like. The men are, most of them, likable.

We have Clair with her child. Except for the child, I think Clair gave very little to the series. I still don’t know why she didn’t leave the island after Charlie lost his life because it was necessary if he wanted her to leave. Sun, the married Korean woman, proved she can be a badass; if she wants to do something her way, she does it and she is also very helpful.

Later in the series another female character; Juliet played by Elizabeth Mitchell. At first viewers don’t know whether to trust her or not. At times she seems with the “others” and at times with Jack and his group. But when the six of the Oceanic leave and she is left on the island with Sawyer and the rest, she should another side of her.

If I continue, I will start a monologue about LOST, which will be full of spoilers to those of you, who still didn’t watched. I would be glad to discuss it though, so for those who watched it tell me what you think and for those who didn’t, watch it, you won’t be disappointed! It is all J.J. Abrams brilliant work!

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2 Responses to LOST

  1. kevinjfisher says:

    maybe i’ll give it another go someday and try to make sense of it all. haha and still probably fail at that.


    • Soraia Zohdi says:

      i can help…some people suggest that the end of lost, is all but a dream of the dog Vincent.

      but yes, do give it another try, you will see things differently and understand things differently 🙂

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