Anne Hathaway Says She’s Catwoman

Anne Hathaway

Warner Bros. made the official announcement that Anne Hathaway was joining the cast of The Dark Knight Rises, they announced her as playing Selina Kyle.

Selina Kyle is the name of the woman beneath Catwoman’s mask which left me wonder whether she’ll actually get in the Catwoman costume or not. Hathaway, didn’t us wait long to get an answer.
Earlier today on Oprah, while talking up the job she did hosting the Oscars last night, Hathaway, while talking about her part in Batman she repeatedly refers to the character she’s playing as “Catwoman” not Kyle, and at one point even waves her hands and shouts “I am Catwoman!”

I think now we have at least a 80% probability she will be wearing the Catwoman costume. Also, this is reportedly Christopher Nolan’s last Batman film, which means introducing a character wouldn’t make sense.

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