Who Will Be The Best Supporting Actor and Actress?

Melissa Leo and Christian Bale In The Fighter

One day left moviegoers and lovers. Some already made their predictions and see their winner as predestined. But I believe, The Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress is quite tricky.

The majority give Christian Bale and Melissa Leo, as winners with almost the awards already theirs. But are they really the winners, with no competition?

Best Supporting Actor

Bale performance was above average and is definitely the frontrunner in this category. The role seems done for Bale; no other actor could have given a better performance.  Plus Bale showed us he can do a different character, then the one he is normally used to. And with his body transformation, if he wins, it is well deserved.

Geoffrey Rush In The King's Speech

But we have Geoffrey Rush as well. While everyone give Bale as a winner, Rush might as well come in and grab the award. Rush’s performance as speech therapist Lionel Logue really was terrific. Despite he already won an Oscar before, if he wins again, he earned it.

The other three names are the less expected but still deserve their nomination. Jeremy Renner was chilling in The Town, John Hawkes showed he can do dramatic roles  in Winter’s Bone and Mark Ruffalo brought the extra needed energy in The Kids Are All Right. But this race is only between Rush and Bale.

Best Supporting Actress

Hailee Steinfeld In True Grit

This is probably the most difficult. Despite Melissa Leo’s The Fighter performance was amazing, many believe after the actress took the Oscar campaign into her own hands, she kind of took herself off from the first place. But still her performance was good enough to win.

Might Leo’s co-star Amy Adams is also in the list. Despite her performance was good, I believe, she deserved the nomination but maybe not the Oscar. Considering also Helena Bonham Carter performance in The King’s Speech. Though Bonham too, was almost shadowed by Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush.

Animal Kingdom actress Jacki Weaver is the least expected in my opinion. She kinds of not fits in the list. Last but not least, Hailee Steinfeld in True Grit. She is probably Leo younger and bigger contender. At only 14 years old, she was able to stand out even though acting with high calibers Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon. Honestly, I’d give the Oscar to Steinfeld, she was captivating and gave a memorable performance. Go Haliee!

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