The Bodyguard Getting A Remake

The Bodyguard

The Bodyguard is one of those movies, that shouldn’t get a remake. In fact, a remake would be an insult to an amazing movie. I watched it when I was small and still have the VHS.

Even though the music (by Whitney Houston) seemed to get a lot more attention than the movie when it was released in 1992, apparently the film was a huge, global hit for Warner Bros.

It stared Kevin Costner as the sexy bodyguard protecting the dive Houston.
But for some reason, they want to remake it. Deadline says Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer, who wrote an unproduced blacklist script called Family Getaway, will rewrite for the remake.

Probably Hollywood sees that remakes are much cheaper then original movies, but at the end, not all reach the standards of the original movies. Plus not all will have characters at the same level of the original ones. Who could play Houston for instance? She has to act as well as sing. The only I can think of is Christina Aguilera, for the singing at least. As per the bodyguard, well, Channing Tatum would do. Both will be compared to the originals and would fail almost always.

Having a male singer and female bodyguard might be a change to the original plot and actually work.

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