Steve Carell To Star In Dogs of Babel

Steve Carell

Another drama movie for The Office actor Steve Carell. A press release has been sent out announcing that Carell is set to star in Dogs of Babel, a drama based on the book by Carolyn Parkhurst.

In the film Carell will play Paul Iverson, a professor who arrives home one day to discover that his wife has died in the backyard.
Refusing to accept what happened he decides to do the impossible: teach his dog, who is the only one that witnessed his wife’s death, to talk. weird, original and dramatic as well. I’m sure the process of teaching the dog to speak will be funny, but the reason behind is sad. Plus maybe someone like me, is eager to know how the wife was killed.

The role is similar to the previously played a suicidal, gay Proust scholar in Little Miss Sunshine. In the movie, Carell was pretty convincing though I was sometimes expecting him to say something funny. We are used to Carell as a comedian and despite he has proven to be a good actor, it will take several other roles, to be able to be an actor, for dramatic movies.

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