The Hangover 2 Trailer

The Hangover 2

The Hangover 2

Yes yes and yes! The trailer for Hangover: Part II is finally online.

From the trailer, I can see they decided to keep what worked in the previous movie; the debauchery, the silliness, the craziness all taken to the next level, while also managing to bring us something new.

The first trailer show off very little footage from the new movie, it mostly consists of critic’s quotes from the first movie, plus slow shots of either the three main characters walking or yet another destroyed hotel room. Where is the twist? All will take place in Thailand!
The message of the trailer is clear: “It’s what you already know you like, just a little different”

Check it out:

Almost nothing is said and little is seen, but considering it is a teaser trailer, it has done it’s job. Now I can’t wait to see the trailer with a single joke that matches what we saw the first time.

The Hangover: Part II hits theaters Memorial Day weekend, May 26.

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