Amanda Seyfried Might Join John Cusack In The Bullet

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried is a busy actress; filming the futuristic thriller Now opposite Justin Timberlake, signing on recently for the kidnapping revenge film Gone, and getting ready to open her revisionist take on Red Riding Hood with director Catherine Hardwicke.

But she might have made room for another movie to shoot in Boston this April.

Boston film production sources say she has. They’re hearing that director Patrick Alessandrin will be in the area in April to shoot The Bullet, which has Amanda Seyfriend and John Cusack on board to star. Here is what the movie is about:

“The dark thriller about a man only known as “The Clockmaker” who devises the ultimate plot of revenge against a seemingly random group of people by manipulating them to kill one another.”

The movie does sound a lot like Saw, and now word is said whether Cusack will be playing the killer. I really hope though; it will be interesting to see, but he might as well just another one of the victims.

If the information is true, it will be an interesting teaming up; Seyfried and Cusack might as well be a good team.

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