Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent?

Kevin Costner

It was know that Zack Snyder had eyed Kevin Costner to star in his Superman reboot. But there was nothing about what role he would play, making all of us wonder where Snyder would play Costner in the movie. Until now.

Latino Review is reporting from “well-placed sources” that the role that Costner is wanted for is that of Jonathan Kent. As the story goes, Jonathan Kent, along with his wife Martha, discover Kal-El’s rocket, which crashes to earth in the town of Smallville.
Though they know he’s not of this Earth, they raise him as their son, giving him the name Clark Kent.

I do like the idea of Costner for the part. But it is too early to even hope; Costner isn’t even in negotiations for the part yet and, for all we know, he might not even be aware that Snyder is interested in casting him.

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