Steve Carell Will Join Meryl Streep In Great Hope Springs

Steve Carell

Meryl Streep has always been attached to Great Hope Springs ever since we learned of its existence last summer. We can say she was the constant in the project, unlike many other things.

Jeff Bridges was originally going to star opposite Streep as a husband and wife undergoing marital therapy, but then James Gandolfini looked to be taking over the part. At the same time Philip Seymour Hoffman was interested in the role of the therapist but eventually dropped out. Mike Nichols had been attached to direct before being replaced by The Devil Wears Prada David Frankel.

We still have the role of the husband uncast, but we finally have a therapist for Streep. Steve Carell has begun negotiations to play the Dr. Feld in the film, which will be his first project after leaving The Office this spring. Great Hope Springs is a more dramatic project then The Office or Dinner With The Schmucks. Despite his role in Little Miss Sunshine, Carell has been suffering with the tag of “comedian” ever since Evan Almighty, Get Smart and his hit last spring with Date Night.

But with Streep on his side, it is difficult to imagine anything going wrong, especially when they’ll find a high caliber actor to play the husband.

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