Olivia Wilde Rumored To Be The Next Lara Croft

Olivia Wilde

Oh yes it seems the most famous tomb raider will be back, but this time not with Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft, but maybe with Olivia Wilde playing the role of Croft.

Though the first two Lara Croft videogame adaptations were largely despised by critics, we’ve been hearing talk for years about a reboot of the franchise. The first name to fill the list were of Kristen Stewart and Kim Kardashian. There were also rumors regarding Megan Fox interested for the role, but this remained a rumor probably generated by the fact that many see Fox as the next Jolie…appearance speaking of course.
But a “source close to the project” that Olivia Wilde is an actress now being considered to play Croft. The source also says that they are looking for a top director and script and that the next installment would be “far darker and more serious.”

It seems that Wilde performance in Tron: Legacy is what made Wilde a possible Croft. As long as no one confirms this remains a big rumor. Mainly because we haven’t heard much about the next Lara Croft movie to actually consider this a possibility.

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