Alice Eve Cast In Men In Black III

Alice Eve

Men In Black III has been going really slow; the schedule has been delayed since December and won’t be restarting until March 28. This though doesn’t stop cast news from coming.

Alice Eve has joined the cast of the Barry Sonnenfeld third installation of the famous alien movie and will play a younger version of Emma Thompson’s character. Involving a time travel plot that will feature plot points in both present day and 1969, Eve will play Olivia, a young woman who is hired by MIB as a secretary. Though she is only hired because of her looks she is actually quite smart and eventually rises to become the head of the organization. Women power!In addition to Thompson and Eve, the film also stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, who are reprising their roles from the first two films, and Josh Brolin, who plays the 1969 version of Jones.

This is all good news but the fact that they are going really slow and are quite disorganized, is not making audience eager to watch it. But with Eve casted, the male audience is eager. Very eager.

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