My Life As Liz – When reality shows become a TV series

My Life As Liz Cast

After my visit in New York this winter I came back with two things: 1) New York is much colder than Milan in winter, do not go again unless necessarily and 2) America TV is super loaded with reality shows that look like TV series; reality TV series.

Of the many I have watched (because they are addictive) one I continued following back home; My Life As Liz. The reality show, does pretty much look like the most classic TV series, and if it weren’t for the fact that it is listed as a reality show, where the events are real but over amplified, I probably would not have watched it.

The first season starts off with Liz Lee in her last year at high school, starting it with a totally makeover and fabulous cherry hair color. She is the “weird” and “freak” of the school because she is surrounded by blondes, cheerleaders and other cool teen girls that she used to hang out with and actually be.
Liz decided to be herself, even if this means getting the high school stereotypes of freak and weirdo. This is the plot. We follow her at school, at home, almost everywhere just as a reality show would be, except that, this reality show is too much of a high school TV series, to be actually be considered 100% real.
Liz is a likable character; she is not a nerd, but close and even if she is not a fashion addict, she sure does think before getting dressed; it’s not the first thing she found in her wardrobe.
It is not bad. It’s a semi reality show…it has the good things of both; in a TV series the protagonist would probably be defenseless or totally stupid realizing her “enemies” attacks. In a reality show, the girl is smart enough to go there and kick some ass. So it has a point, even if it was criticized as not being a reality show as events were true. And I’d say thank God! If those things truly happened perfectly portraying a TV series, then reality is getting lost somewhere and we are living as if in a TV series. That would be bad.
One thing to mention is good music. Most of the time, the name of the artist and the song is written underneath. Usually the are relatively unknown bands and singers, that are actually pretty good. So when watching keep an eye and ear to the songs playing, discovering new music is just as fun as watching new series. 

Currently the second season is being aired. Make sure to check MTV for everything you want to know about the series and the cast, as well as watch the new and old episodes.

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