Rachel Getting Married – With Kym Rachel Is Invisible


Anne Hathaway as Kym

I saw this movie by coincidence and was amazed to see Anne Hathaway. I first saw Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries back in 2001. That was my very first time seeing her acting. For a teen movie she did a good performance, though I never would have thought she would reach an amazing level of acting.

The Devils Wears Prada brought her to stardom, but Rachel Getting Married proved Hathaway was born to act. Hathaway plays Kym, a young woman who has been in and out from rehab for the past 10 years that returns home for the weekend for her sister’s wedding. The movie starts with Kym getting out of rehab few days before the wedding.
The movie did an amazing job depicting what happens when an addict leaves rehab; the home environment is challenging, Kym father is constantly watching her and despite Kym and Rachel have a good relationship, there is tensions. The tension is due to Rachel feeling that her father dotes on Kym far too much and Kym is upset to learn that Rachel has selected a friend to be her maid of honor.
The cherry on the cake is a selfish mother that cares more about her own wellbeing ahead of that of her children. With a tragedy in their past, the family will try and make the wedding a memorable, despite the conflicts.

I believe Jonathan Demme did an amazing directing; at first I was confused with the hand-held camera style used in the movie; the quick zooming in and out on faces and objects, as if the story was told through someone else, made it difficult to concentrate. But it was the best choice. I don’t know why Demme decided on this particular style of shooting, but it made sure viewers where truly experiencing all the events taking place, the good and the bad ones. As if it was us holding the camera and shooting a small documentary.

Hathaway almost took the entire scene, as did her character in the movie. Rachel played by Rosemarie DeWitt, feared that her sister coming back, and would take all the intentions from her wedding to her sister. In fact at times it did. Whether Kym wanted it or not, she was always the center of attention and when she wasn’t we would wander what she is doing and thinking.

Hathaway character Kym, the drug addict, is a really complex character; her mood changes frequently and she also seems on the verge to explode. Whenever she seems happy or calm, something or someone is able to change her mood with ease. For instance when Kym found out that she that Rachel has selected a friend to be her maid of honor, she felt betrayed and angry.
We also feel that Kym is unable to be happy. When the whole family was playing with the dishwasher on a challenge on who could put the dirtiest dishes in, she accidently puts a dish that belonged to her dead brother Ethan. Ethan died in an accident while Kym was babysitting him, and this small incident of the dish brings a moment of discomfort in the family, but a depression in Kym. She feels that the death of her brother is her fault, though she also believes that her mother shouldn’t have let her babysit knowing she was a drug addict.
Hathaway is able to portray all this; the happiness, the discomfort, the madness, Kym freaking out at her sister, when she is unable to fully express herself, everything. This might be one of Hathaway best performance. With the latest movies all almost romantic comedy, I hope to see Hathaway has proved that she can do also drama movies.
Verdict: A must see. It will make you cry and laugh and freak out whenever Kym does. Hathaway performance is superlative; I have never seen her act this good. The movie shooting is excellent, Demme has used the right tools for the right movie and the plot is able to tell exactly how an addict feels when he goes back to his family, even for a couple of days. The whole movie was brilliantly made. Recommended.
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