Andrew Garfield Cast In Back Roads

Andrew Garfield

Not everyone knew who Andrew Garfield was until he got the role of Spider Man. Despite proving to be a good actor with his performance in John Crowley’s Boy A, it was Garfield’s performances in The Social Network and Never Let Me Go that brought his incredible talent to the mainstream.

Now it seems we will see him even more. Garfield is likely to star in Adrian Lyne’s Back Roads.

An adaptation of the book by Tawni O’Dell, alongside Garfield, Jennifer Garner and Marcia Gay Harden have all joined the cast of the production. Described as a “murder mystery,” the novel focuses a young man (Garfield) who is forced to look after his three younger sisters after his mother is sent to prison for killing his abusive father.

Garner will play a neighbor and romantic interest for Garfield’s character while Harden will be Garfield’s court-appointed therapist.

The studio is currently looking for a high profile actress to play the younger sisters, though still no names are mentioned.

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