Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Wall Street Cast

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, is the sequel of the acclaimed movie Wall Street that has also been directed by Oliver Stone.

The movie has an exceptional cast; starring Michael Douglas reprising his role as Gordon Gecko, Shia LaBeouf, Josh Brolin, Carey Mulligan, and Frank Langella in supporting roles.

Set in New York City, the movie takes place 21 years after the first movie, where now Gordon Gecko has been released from prison. Seeing the economic situation, Gecko tried to warn Wall Street about the forthcoming economic downturn and stock market crash. But probably because of his past, no one believes him.

Gecko thus decides to use his energy and try and rebuild all the relationships of the past, especially the
one with his estranged daughter, Winnie. Things though will be difficult as Winnie blames Gecko, of her
brother suicide, that she believes is because her father’s crimes and thus avoids any contact with him.

While trying to reestablish a relation with his daughter, Gecko learns that the mentor of young Wall
Street trader Jacob unexpectedly dies and Jacob, who is also Winnie fiancé, suspects his hedge fund
manager of being involved in the death.

Gecko and Jacob thus decide to unite forces to help each other; Gecko will help Jacob uncover the
mystery and in return Jacob agrees to help Gecko with Winnie.
Douglas has always shown interest in reprising his role, and for those who have seen the first movie,
Wall Street cannot be Wall Street without Douglas, he is Gecko. Director Oliver Stone said “it was as
if the role was custom-made for the actor” and added that “the consistency between Gordon Gecko
and Michael Douglas was in their charisma and passion, except that Gecko’s motives were malevolent”
and “both are survivors… men who find a way to succeed, who have willed themselves to second acts in
their lives.”

“He’s a quintessentially American story, and seeing how he manages to survive in this new shark tank 22
years later is a fascinating and challenging proposition. So much has changed. Not just Gordon Gekko.
The world too.” Stone said on how Gordon Gekko will adapt to the new modern era of the financial

The other lead role is Shia LaBeouf portrays Jacob “Jake” Moore, an ambitious, young proprietary trader
who is the fiancé of Winnie, Gecko daughter. LaBeouf said of playing the role that “I don’t know what …
a credit derivative is,” adding that “I don’t know what a Cpo is. Ipb. Lvc. You gotta know ticker names.”

The villain of the movie is Josh Brolin who plays Bretton James, Jacob’s hedge fund manager, who Jacob
suspects, is involved in the death of Jacob’s mentor. Javier Bardem was firstly attached to the project
and was in final talks to play the villain; however, in July 2009, it was confirmed that Bardem had turned
down the project in order to co-star with Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love and thus Brolin got the role.

Winnie Gecko character is played by Carey Mulligan. Mulligan, who is of British origins, had to learn to
speak the American accent for her role.

Wall Street Money Never Sleeps soundtrack is mainly dominated by David Byrne songs, including several
tracks from his 2008 collaboration with Brian Eno, Everything That Happens Will Happen Today.

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