True Grit And Black Swan Scores Eliminated From Oscar Contention

Black Swan

This year may have not been the greatest movie year in recent history, but it was a major success in one area: music scores. 

Remember the intense music in Hans Zimmer’s  Inception; Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ score for The Social Network; Daft Punk’s original and overwhelming beats in Tron: Legacy; as well as Clint Mansell’s tracks for Black Swan; and Carter Burwell’s music for True Grit. But those last two have been eliminated and won’t be holding the golden statue. Reason, is because neither Mansell’s nor Burwell’s music was wholly original, Black Swan in largely based on Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and True Grit based on 19th century protestant hymns. The Kids Are All Right and The Fighter have also been nixed because their respective soundtracks are largely filled with outside songs that dominate the score.

That said, it is bad to hear that two movies who done really well, have been eliminated, especially Black Swan.

We still have Inception, but if we must be really honest, Inception too really doesn’t fit in the mix; “Non, je ne regrette” by Edith Piaf , is the theme song as well as to being the song used to prepare the dreamers for their “kick”, was also used by Zimmer in the score.

Well, I’m not sure how they decided to eliminate Black Swan and True Grit and keep Inception since the three have mixed scores, but having at least Inception in this bad bad movie year, is something positive.

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