The House Bunny – Anna Faris Enters the Playboy Manson is Anna Faris, the same Anna Faris that starred in all Scary Movies, 1, 2 and 3. And while reading through the cast, I noticed Emma Stone and after liking Easy A, I was curious to see the movie.
The movie is not great; it’s written by two women, but it is kind of sexiest, especially when they stress on the fact that to attract men, you have to be stupid and dress like a hooker, resulting in a movie that isn’t really funny, it’s predictable and has some extremes. For example if you want to date, you have to be dressed provocative and be stupid.


The movie tells the story of Shelly (Anna Faris) starring as a hot blonde playboy girl living in the famous playboy mansion. Everything seems going pretty fine; she is happy and living her dream waiting to be come miss November. Until one day, she is kicked out of the house and having nowhere to live she finds herself with the sorority girls from Zeta Tau Zeta, who are the most unknown invisible girls on campus, that are about to lose their house.

While giving a makeover to the seven Zeta members; Emma Stone (Nathalie), Katherine McPhee (Harmony), Kat Dennings (Mona), Rumer Willis (Joanna), Kiely Williams (Lilly), Dana Goodman (Carrie Mae) and one that I really can’t remember. Anyways, while improving the image of the girls, Shelly meets Oliver played by Colin Hanks. We can already sense romance in the air and how their first date will go. Again, the story is very predictable with the most classic moral; be yourself and not who people what you to be. 


Despite the not really original plot, Faris and Stone did a good performance. Faris totally got the screen and was the most interesting actor to watch. She almost covered all the other actresses, expect maybe for Stone. I think she could be next Lindsay Lohan the first good version of her. She seems natural and born to do this. Best scene is when Shelly, in order to remember names, she uses a man’s voice!


Another thing I liked was the soundtrack. The songs, were more appealing to one single scene, than the movie itself and they perfectly fit in the high school atmosphere.
Verdict: if Faris and Stone weren’t there, the movie would have been a disaster. It is actually, but we can say Faris performance and Stone’s were able to keep me watch the movie until the end. An end I already knew from the start.
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