Easy A – It is never an Easy A in high school, except for rumors

So I finally watched Easy A starring Emma Stone and best actor Stanley Tucci. I kind of https://i1.wp.com/www.dailyactor.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Easy-A-poster.jpgexpected the movie to be different, but I still liked it. Considering it is a teen movie, it was pretty good, not that predictable and had funny scenes. What I liked was that it did resemble reality in lots of situations and a thing like this, rumor spreading because of lies, can actually happen.

The movie tells the story of Olive a teen girl, that because of one little white lie, rumors start circulating about her love/sex affairs. Since the rumors are already there, she decides to add some more helping some friends get through their hard times in High School. What I liked, is that this is reality. If you say a lie or a rumor about someone it will circulate at the speed of light! Especially if it has to do with sex. That might even surpass the speed of light. Considering also we have a bunch of religion-obsessed students, that you can imagine what they do hearing about those rumors in particular.

The movie, should be a modern interpretation of The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s most famous novel, where Hester Prynne, who conceives through an adulterous affair and struggles to create a new life of repentance and dignity and is forced to wear a red A for adultery, which Olive jokes and says, “A is for Awesome. ”

I have read the book, and I can say both, Prynne and Olive, feel the torments and both struggle to keep up with the rumor and continue to live their lives. I think Easy A could be a modern High School interpretation of The Scarlet Letter.

Olive simply said she slept with a guy, because she didn’t want to go camping with a friend. Well, she said she dated a guy, then the friend just didn’t want a “no we didn’t sleep together” as an answer, so Olive just made her happy. Stone performance was good. I have seen her in Zombieland and in The Rocker and she was really good in both. When I heard about Easy A I kind of feared she was going for the teen movie path. Which is ok, but I think she has talent and could do lot more. Luckily the movie was a good teen movie, so probably this will be a positive addition to her acting curriculum.

Tucci is simply awesome. He is truly a good actor. He was funny and his performance was excellent. He really can plan any part given to him. He can become the character requested making it hard to believe he is the same Tucci that played George Harvey in The Lovely Bones. He was also great in Julie & Julia playing the husband Paul Child. Sometimes I think he is underrated. Despite his amazing performance people tend to look at other actors. Like in The Devil Wears Prada. People always tend to praise Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep – ok she deserves all the positive feedback- that they tend to forget Tucci. Or just mention him after all the others. He was the one that made Hathaway become who she was in The Devil Wears Prada!

Amanda Bynes truly surprised me. I already saw her playing the bitch/evil girl in Hairspray, but the image of her going to England to meet her father (What a Girl Wants ) always came to my mind. She would still be the good girl. In the movie, she is the good bad girl. She is part of the religious school group, which doesn’t make her evil, but she is kind of bitchy. She played the character really well.

What made me watch the movie wasn’t the cast though, but the trailer. Yes, maybe the producers and the marketing team thought the movie would be kind of a cliche’ or be listed as one of the “usual high school movies” that people wouldn’t watch it. So they had to be very creative in the poster, which was creative and was related to the story and had to have a catchy trailer. And they succeeded.

The trailer went through all the stages of Olive; from the normal unknown high school girl, to the sexy hot girl with a sparkling red A and provocative clothes everyone is talking about. The trailer also follows the same narration of the movie; Olive telling her side of the story in front of a camera. The trailer doesn’t say what leads her to do what she did and get a red A on all her clothes, which is good or else we would be satisfied by the trailer.

The best part of the trailer, is when you hear Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. When you start hearing the beats, it means the good part is coming. In fact it’s when we see Olive, sexy as never before, with her red A walking in her school and getting all attentions. The part doesn’t last long, but you would want to see more of it, making you watch the movie.

If you want to get more what I mean watch the video below, it’s taken from the movie, it does have a spoiler though, but I’m pretty sure the clip was also released before the movie, so I think it’s kind of safe.

If you are wondering who’s this amazing voice owner, it’s Jessica Cornish mostly known as Jessie J. I have to say this song is definitely better than Poker Face. Sexy Silk gets and expressed exactly what Olive is trying to tell her entire school.

Well, summing up, Easy A is a good movie if you want to go back to your high school days or, if you are in high school, give you a hint that rumors spread quickly. So watch who you are talking to and mostly importantly where!

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