The Vampire Diaries has all what it needs: digging deeper Vampire or not vampire, where I try and compare The Vampire Diaries with Twilight Saga, I thought I should dig deeper in the issue, since apparently vampires are a fashion these days.

I think I have always liked vampire. It all started when I saw Buffy starring Michelle Gellar. She was strong, and loved a super hot vampire Angel. Considering the 2000s vampires, Buffy’s were the best, TV series speaking.
Still, one ray of hope shines in the darkness of a world, the TV/cinema world, that has degraded vampires so much to be hated; The Vampire Diaries might be the hope.
The story has everything it needs; Vampires, human, werewolves and witch, plus of course the love triangles, and the romance and friendship that spice up the story a little bit. Now, lets take each character alone; The Vampires.
I have to admit I didn’t like the fact that a vampire would keep a journal. It seemed childish and stupid, though considering the title of the series, it could be ok. Stefan Salvatore is the type that cares about others, that is kind and sweet and is peaceful, quite person. He came to Mystic Falls, because Elena Gilbert looks exactly the same as Katerina Pierce/Petrova. He ends up falling in love with Elena herself and not her looks. Still, he isn’t the vampire we all want to see. are saved by the fact that he has a brother; Damon Salvatore. He is hot, sexy and a vampire; he feeds on human blood because it makes him stronger and has no guilt in killing people so he can live. It’s the new food chain after all. He too has a crush on Elena but its a one sided thing (stupid Elena) but these feelings he has makes him less of a badass. But don’t worry he still is the vampire he should be.

Elena Gilbert is the human. At first I feared she would turn out to be a Bella Swan, craving for sex and to be turned. But no, she seems not interested and is lives her love being a human. She is not the afraid type that always gets in trouble and needs to be saved, which is ok sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be a habit. Women can…no are strong! Her love with Stefan risks when Katerina Petrova comes to Mystic Falls, the reason? She wants Stefan back and considering Stefan was in love with Katerina and that he came to Mystic Falls because of Katerina…something might happen! Of course if you are seeing the series, you know how episode 10 ended of season 2! 🙂 

Werewolves. Though they gave a hint at the end of season one, they became real halfway season two. Still nothing much is said about them, just that they are werewolves, their bite is lethal to vampire and that they turn when there is a full moon.
Witch. Finally some magic taking place! Bonnie Bennett is the witch of Mystic Falls, she can cast all kind of spells, especially the one where she can let vampires walk in daylight thanks to a ring. No they don’t glitter in the sun. She is Elena best friend as well as Caroline best friend. I think her character is sometimes forgotten and when she is needed for some spells, she becomes a big part of the episode.
Verdict: The Vampire Diaries is much better than Twilight. Sorry Twilighters but that’s the truth. The series is good so you can image how awesome the books must be. Definitely reading all the books! Where Elena should be a blond and not a brunette as Nina Dobrev is, but I still believe she is doing a great job. Much better than Kristen Stewart!
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